Statement from MGM Resorts International Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary John McManus regarding the federal Restore America’s Wire Act legislation

December 08, 2015


“Restore America’s Wire Act goes far beyond limiting internet and mobile gaming. In addition to outlawing forms of gaming that are currently legal and regulated in Nevada and other states, it would prohibit the gaming industry from using just about any technology that relies on the internet or wireless communication to place bets in Nevada’s casinos. 


"MGM believes that Attorney General Laxalt is confused about what is best for Nevada and is ignoring his own campaign promises.  On the other hand, Governor Sandoval understands the importance of the preservation of states' rights and self-determination for Nevada and he is doing what needs to be done to protect jobs in our state.


"It is a dangerous and slippery slope to invite the federal government to regulate the gaming industry and let it dictate policy to the states. Apparently, when he was a candidate for Attorney General he understood this, stating: 


‘Far too often we’ve seen the federal government’s overreach tie the hands of Nevada’s job creators. Excessive regulations and mandates raise operating costs and stifle innovation, crushing the pioneer spirit that fostered our great state. . . .  As attorney general I will fight back against the policies that tie the hands of job creators here at home, and will work to defend free market principles.’


"Candidate Laxalt’s quote can still be found on his campaign website:


"Who knows what a casino floor will look like in 5 or even 10 years?  This is a dangerous path and the people of Nevada should not have to worry that their attorney general will lobby the federal government to destroy current and future jobs in our state.  It would be nice if Attorney General Laxalt remembered what candidate Laxalt had to say about overreach from the federal government."